Friday, March 23, 2007

Reedsburg Police To Use Taser Guns

The small Reedsburg, Wis., Police Department has purchased five Taser guns for its 18 officers.

The community is located in Sauk County, about an hour northwest of Madison.

Officers spent Thursday completing training. Officials said the Taser guns will be used only in situations where a person is actively violent or threatening violence toward an officer or another citizen.

"When you're incapacitated by a Taser (gun) you're unable to fight through that, and (it'll) hopefully cut down on injuries to an officer trying to handcuff the subject so they don't have to fight them," said Scott Peterson, patrol officer with the Reedsburg Police Department.
Each Taser gun costs $1,300 and has a camera on the end of it to record what's happening each time it is in use.


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