Thursday, April 22, 2010

Taser X-26 Test Drive

Thanks to Phoenix Police Department for hosting a course for us to test drive the X-26.

The tiny model used by many police departments is, indeed, a handy size, and my first impression was that it is just a little on the smallish size.

However, the total lack of any kind of recoil whatsoever negates your initial desire for a larger grip. After you shoot one once or twice, you'll realize you don't need to have a death grip on the Taser.  If you are used to shooting handguns, you'll first be a bit disconcerted by the tiny grip size, but then be surprised at the absence of recoil.

The safety flips up and off very smoothly, but the trigger pull is stiff.  There is no smooth take-up on the trigger.  You'll have to give it a very, very firm pull to pop the propellent for the barbs. 

When the propellent is triggered there is a significant pop as heard in an enclosed space, but the sound is probably not loud enough to distract you during an actual confrontation when you are experiencing an adrenaline dump.

Thanks again Phoenix P.D.

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